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Deluxe Foal Halters
Should any item not be available immediately, contact will be made with customer, to advise of progress.
Photo credit to Lorelle Mercer, thankyou to the Whiting family for the gorgeous photo.
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Jeffries Natural Leathercare
Jeffries Natural Leathercare
Our Price: $22.00 (20.00 exc GST)

We use and recommend Jeffries Leather care.
Made from natural oils, fats and beeswax.
Please see excerpt below from Jeffries, regarding leather care for your valuable investment.

Number Holders
Number Holders
Our Price: $100.00 (90.91 exc GST)

Our number holders are now available in all sizes, (Pony, Cob and Full) and feature little faces to not overshadow our beautiful ponies and horses. Features include a double stitched face and detachable girth loop. Suitable for both led and ridden classes.

Available in dark havanna, black and Aust Nut.
A MUST for the Royals and bigger shows!!
Split Reins- Laced
Split Reins- Laced
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Our Price: $110.00 (100.00 exc GST)

Laced split reins, ideal for the younger or less experienced rider. Allows little riders to use a bit and bradoon/ loose ring show pelham/rugby pelham, without having to use two reins.
available in a slim rein, to fit the smaller child's hand, with elegant and neat lacing for extra grip.
Available in dark havanna and black.

Bespoke Horseware Led In Show Bridle
Bespoke Horseware Led In Show Bridle
Please see listing for current stock
Our Price: $200.00 (181.82 exc GST)

These are absolutely gorgeous, made in England, from beautiful English leather and stunning brass fittings. Comes with a plain leather browband. Impeccable craftsmanship has gone into the making of these bridles. Suitable for those little Riding Pony and Welsh Pony faces. These bridles are absolutely plain, making them ideal for Welsh A and B classes. Photo credits include Cody Photographics and Bridey Lee Photography with thanks. Currently AUD$200.00 (off the rack sizes) Matching leads also available separately

Show Weymouth bridle
Show Weymouth bridle
Our Price: $350.00 (318.18 exc GST)

Ideal for those wanting something extra special. Made from our wonderful 100% English leather, by craftsmen in England.
Impeccable craftsmanship will go into the making of your bridle. Off the rack bridles have a flat noseband and browband, and complimentary lacing of the bradoon rein.
Nut colour bridle available in limited sizes at this stage (Pony and Cob available) Please advise at checkout

Current stock includes:

Small full/10 stone in brown, dark havana, black and nut
Cob in dark Havana, black, and nut.
Pony in dark havana with 1 1/4" cavessons, and dark Havana, black and nut with 7 /8" cavessons.
Small pony in black, dark havanna and nut.

** Please specify which bridle you would like at checkout.**