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FM Fulmer Loops
Our Price: $7.95 (7.23 exc GST)

Fulmer loops are a double ended loop of leather, used to secure fulmer and full cheek snaffles against the cheek piece of the horses bridle.
The fulmer loops also work to allow the full cheek bit to exert a little poll pressure which can be desirable on some horses.

Available in dark Havana and black, to use with your fulmer snaffle.
Jeffries Natural Leathercare
Our Price: $22.00 (20.00 exc GST)

We use and recommend Jeffries Leather care.
Made from natural oils, fats and beeswax.
Please see excerpt below from Jeffries, regarding leather care for your valuable investment.

Leather Curb - Black and Dark Havana
Our Price: $30.00 (27.27 exc GST)

An all in one leather curb chain....  no fiddling around with curb chain covers again!  Made in England out of beautiful English leather.  Available in pony, cob and full sizes.  Dark Havana or black.
Lip Strap - Black and Dark Havana
Our Price: $30.00 (27.27 exc GST)

Gorgeous english leather, to match the leather curbs.  
Available in dark havanna or black.  All sizes available.
Hannoverian converters and flash straps
Our Price: $40.00 (36.36 exc GST)

Perfect to convert your cavesson noseband to a hannoverian.
Features a neat little connector, suitable for the show ring.

Available dark havana and black, in pony, cob and full
MG Nut Leather Curb
Our Price: $48.99 (44.54 exc GST)

Made in AUSTRALIA by Michelle Graham.
Nut colour leather curbs.
Ideal for your bit and bradoon or pelham.
Please see our other leather curbs for Havanna or black options.

Matching lip strap also available.
MG Monkey Grips
Our Price: $55.00 (50.00 exc GST)

These monkey grips are made in AUSTRALIA by Michelle Graham.
Neat little billet ends, to help protect your saddle.
Available in black, dark havana or nut.
We aim to keep a small supply of these on hand, for quick dispatch.

Leather Curb and Lip Strap Set - Black and Dark Havana
Our Price: $55.00 (50.00 exc GST)

Leather curbs and lip strap sets.
Save when you purchase these items together.
Please see the MG sets, if requiring Nut colour
MG Nut Leather Curb and Lip Set
Our Price: $79.00 (71.82 exc GST)

Made in AUSTRALIA by Michelle Graham.

Please see our other range for Havana and black options
Butterfly Leads
Our Price: $85.00 (77.27 exc GST)

Beautiful little butterfly leads have now arrived, perfect for our inhand bridles if a chain is not required. Neatly attaches to bit.
Available in dark havanna and black, with brass buckles.